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The Road that led to Limeroad’s creation

Suchi Mukherjee, the founder and CEO at LimeRoad has been passionate about revolutionizing the manufacture and scaling of quality consumer products in a way that is highly beneficial for all parties involved. Not just in terms of profit, but more importantly in terms of customer focus & experience. Her experiences in Skype and Gumtree significantly helped her in cultivating and achieving her vision.
Ruchi was of the opinion that online product discovery is problematic for women. Hence, she founded LimeRoad with the foresight of building a discovery platform for lifestyle products that will delight the customer with their ideation and execution.

With this platform, Suchi and her partners have been able to provide customers with gorgeous wearables at affordable prices. Since there are literally an infinite options to choose from, spread across large geographies, product discovery is becoming increasingly difficult. Limeroad solves these problems by bringing forth a highly curated range of products aided by a smooth interface.
They have done a good job at capitalizing on a great market opportunity, which although is captured mostly by major players, still has potential for a small niche.
For after all, India accounts for a whopping 20% of lifestyle product manufacture in the entire world. That’s 20% of a trillion dollar industry. Thus, Limeroad was born with a strong mission in mind - “To build the most extensive delightful discovery platform for lifestyle products.” The aim was to make all high quality affordable products from vendors far and wide make easily accessible to customers all over the country through a butter smooth interface. Limeroad’s growth since its inception has come about as a natural by-product.

Limeroad’s Growth Numbers

They tell their own story:-

  1. Traffic has increased tenfolds since April of 2013
  2. Vendors have also increased tenfolds. More than 1500 vendors (50% of whom are unique to Limeroad)
  3. Mobile transactions account for 60% of the total, which speaks volumes about the smoothness of their interface
  4. Their site layout and product propagation is custom built to overcome the difficulties of language, i.e. even an individuals not fluent in English finds it easy to navigate through
  5. Their “scrap-bookers”, who mix and match attires to create unique looks, have grown from 20,000 a month to a whopping 2 million a month now
  6. As such, they have the highest engagement timings per session and also leaves it’s competitor in the dirt when it comes to unique user generated content

About LimeRoad

Limeroad is an Indian online store that was founded by Suchi Mukherjee and Prashant Malik in 2012. Backed with their strong background in Skype, eBay and Facebook, they set out on the road to revolutionize the architecture and development of consumer products on a large scale. Hence, their name. Limeroad is your path to self discovery in fashion aesthetics. Through their simple yet powerful products, Limeroad have carved a niche in an increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace.
“How did this come about?”, you might ask. How are they able to compete with e-tailer giants like Myntra and Jabong? Who have revenue 400 times that of Limeroad.
Props go mostly to their unique business model.
While most online stores focus on selling a pre-defined look, a custom-tailored attire - Limeroad has established a platform that encourages its customers (whom they innovatively refer to as scrap-bookers) to play around with their products and come up with their own unique look.
Apart from this, they have a team of talented individuals that avoid shortcuts and focus instead on finding scalable, long term solutions to problems. They have contributed significantly to unifying Limeroad’s vision and getting to where they are today.

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